The Winter Fashion Diaries by Bunyee

The Winter Fashion Diaries by Bunyee

Winter has its own spices for colors as dull and dark shades are more likely to be used in winters. BUNYEE knows the actual taste of winter wear for ladies, especially women in eastern countries, anxiously waiting for this short but wonderful season to adopt notable designs and styles of autumn fashion

Long coats with long shoes is a popular winter outfit, and we have seen some new fashion trends like coat collars on long shirts which will make your appearance a different one. Pashmina shawls are also liked by women during winter as it has a special grace and class which will definitely increase the beauty of your outfit.  Khaddar, Jacquard, Wool, Valvet, Karandi, Dhanak are the renowned fabrics of winter, BUNYEE has launched in its MEERU-collection. 

The pleasant day demands a pleasant outfit and it always has an impact on your daily mood-swings. Tonal dressing sense always makes your appearance stylish and classy as it has focus on a single color with a combination of light and dark shades. Leather short body jackets, woolen long coats and knitwear are pretty common winter outfits and have introduced plenty of new variety in recent years.

Winter also brought specific accessories and shoe collections as mufflers, scarves are worn frequently in winter along with long boots which takes your style statement to a next level. Girls usually accessorize themselves with matching bands, socks as they surely provide a comfy and cozy feel.

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