The influence of pop culture on women clothing

The influence of pop culture on women clothing

Popular music, adventurous films, and fine arts have a great influence on people dressing specially the way they carry out the new trending dresses aka the designer outfits. The dominance spreaded much precisely with the advent of social media as now-a-days, people considered themselves a walking and living clothing brand.

BUNYEE, the notable dress brand, knows well that the most famous and latest way of capturing a huge market is through the influence of celebrities who are observing pop culture as they have a huge fan following and are known as the trend setters because of their long lasting impact on the audience. 

The same can be seen in the entertainment industry where vintage fashion sense is frequently revived and the fashion of the 80's and the 90’s appears in a more persistent and precise manner.

BUNYEE has launched the new form of vintage eastern fashion in its Fancy Collection. The fine Indian style bridal lehenga and chunni along with Pakistani shalwar qameez and frock-style filled with heavy embroidery on shirt are still the trends, assumed to be an apple of everyone’s eye and has made BUNYEE, a giant fabric store

The popularity of wearing oversized shirts with loose trousers and tracksuits with sneakers as a normal attire in casual events is not hidden and is speaking itself how this dressing sense is successfully transmitted from celebrities to their followers and general audience.

It could all be concluded as, it is not wrong to say that pop culture and celebrities have a great impact in shaping contemporary fashion trends as they have a visible impact on the world and people around us.

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