The Emerging Trend of Pakistani Designer Sarees

The Emerging Trend of Pakistani Designer Sarees

Saree is known as a  traditional as well as a cultural clothing for women in many of the south east asian countries, including Pakistan. The trend of having a saree collection in the wardrobe is at peak now-a-days and is considered to be a must especially in wedding events. Spicy, bold and vibrant colors are considered to be trendy in Pakistan for saree collections and designers belonging to BUNYEE have successfully experimented the same color pattern on ethnic clothing and introduced a wide variety of 3 piece ethnic wear in its Meeru collection.

Fabric choice is indeed an important factor while selecting an outfit. The conventional sarees are usually tailored in multiple fabrics based on the needs of the consumer as well as the weather. However, silk sarees, cotton sarees, banarasi sarees, embroidered sarees are the notable fabrics of sarees. Likewise, keeping in view the needs of consumers and demands of weather, BUNYEE has also introduced its collections tailored in jacquard, khaddar, leather peach fabrics. Other remarkable varieties include dresses stitched in swiss lawn, dhanak fabric and karandi fabric.

Other than a fabric, the design of a saree is also an important feature with respect to occasion. Beading, Embroidery, Fluorescent patterns and sequins etc are the notable elements of saree on which Pakistani designers have a deep emphasis. 

 In recent years, saree designs emerged with a huge transformation as modern designers have casted their creativity in a much unique and precise manner to this conventional ladies dress and it will last longer as there is a uniquely designed saree out there for everyone that matches your style and personality.

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