Multi Piece Collection of the Pakistani Dresses

Multi Piece Collection of the Pakistani Dresses

One Piece

In women's clothing, one piece remained a choice of the ladies of the eastern region for many years as they found plenty of contrast options for a single piece cloth. The trend is still followed by a large number of ladies around the globe and has a notable place in every woman's portable wardrobe.

One piece ladies dress collection introduced by Bunye includes single shirt pieces i.e. shirt pieces and  tops for women which are usually worn with plain contrast trousers or denim jeans as it is a quite common fashion for college and university going girls and is considered to be simple yet comfortable clothes for routine dressing. 

Two Piece

2 piece dress refers to ladies garments having a typical combination i.e. embroidered shirts or fancy shirts with matching plain trousers. Bunye is indeed a master of fusion of two pieces in a way like embroidered shirts with plain trousers or dark with light color will surely add versatility to your wardrobe .


Three Piece

3 piece dress for women signifies outfits having three different pieces of clothes i.e a shirt piece, a trouser and a dupatta which may have a wide range of fabric variety i.e. lawn, chiffon, silk and cotton etc. Bunye - A fine clothing brand has launched a tremendous variety of three piece dresses in its Meeru - Collection and this type of collection is frequently considered to be formal or professional.

Four Piece

Four piece suits for women is indeed a more advanced form of formal women's clothing. The formal three piece dress has an additional piece of cloth i.e. a matching scarf or staller and is usually considered to be a symbol of professionalism and attention to details during formal business and work sittings.

It is not wrong to say that the type of collection could be any i.e. one piece, two piece, three piece or four piece. Collection type is not important but a personality and dressing sense who carries it is all that matters in the end.

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