Fashion Trends

Fashion Trends

For BUNYEE, The skill to express the inner beauty and outer personality through clothing is fashion and is widely reflected in their newest and fashionable MEERU Collection. The culture of a society we live in has an extensive impact on our fashion sense as it is considered as an identity of a society. Some societies have specific dressing sense like eastern and western on a broader perspective and if we have a deep look on eastern culture, every society can be identified through discrete attires worn by their people, like we usually see the Arabs and Pathans in their specific dress code i.e. long gowns (Thawb) and shalwar kameez.

Fashion has its on kinds and some of the are described below:

Designer wears designed by renowned designers in their trendy yet quite expensive collection.

Classic wears have a long lasting impact and they remain in style for long term and are never outdated.

Street Fashion is another type of fashion targeting a large population of teenagers wearing the latest trends and affordable prices matters a lot.

Celebrities and prominent personalities like artists, actors, musicians, politicians and other cultural icons have a great influence on the fashion industry as they have a specific fan following and are followed by different cultural and ethnic groups.

Fashion and style are two different terms like fashion is versatile and style is unique. Fashion is changeable and style is permanent. Fashion is carried by society and style is carried by an individual. Fashion is also seasonal as winter, summer have their own fashion styles. 

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